Help with NURBS

How do i ‘subdivide’ a nurbs sphere?
I tried,but it became ‘blocky’.
What i want is just to get more ‘points’ for deforming the sphere.

My gut reaction is to ditch the NURBS and use SubDivision Surface (SubSurf). Blender’s nurbs implementation isn’t great, and SubD gives similar results, is easier, and a lot of big studios are going that way now anyway.

Sorry,i dont get how you would replace nurbs with subsurf.
Nurbs gives me ‘points’ which have some vertices attached to them.When i move the point,the vertices move with it.I dont have to select each of them individually.
The problem is i cant add more ‘points’.Thats the problem.

I think you’ll get the exact kind of modeling ability with subsurf (and even better, more control). Turn subsurf on, set your model to smooth, turn up subsurf levels if necessary, then start modeling. You’d have to start with a cube though, not with a sphere - maybe that’s where you’re confused? SubD modeling almost always starts as a cube “box modeling”. Loop cuts, subdivide, edge slide, edge crease, mirror modeling, etc etc - that’s where it’s at. Sometimes it can be useful to turn subsurf on level 1, then convert/apply it as a new mesh, and then start again with a new subsurf modifier. you’ll get slightly different base geometry as a result, with possibly more/better control. Deformations for animation are also nice implemented with subsurf as well. The proportional editing tool “O” might come in handy too for smoother surface adjustments.

In Blender a NURBS sphere seems to be a cylinder with the ends collapsed in. You probably could subdivide and still get a sphere if you knew what weights to apply to the different control points (I’m very much a beginner with NURBS so this might not be quite right). I have found the easiest way to work with one is to add a lattice and use it as a deformation object for the NURBS sphere. You can add extra control points to a lattice easily. There’s a nice tutorial on BlenderNation about modelling a dolphin using this technique.