Help with optical flow

hi, so im making a specific animation at 60 fps and 600 frames, but it takes 15 minutes per frame, i heard that there is something called optical flow that can reduce rendering frames by 1/2 and using AI can construct the animation, how do i achieve this optical flow function?, quick reply much appreciated :smile:

It is ready in new televisions, usually enabled by default so that is easy to get. Also there is software that can do the trick much more accurately. It can take 5min per frame easily depending software you use.

I don’t recommend to increase framerate in rendered video while you can easily render more frames and get better quality that way. It works best when you need to increase framerate from video footage that need to get match with 60fps content or need to do slow motion using camera that doesn’t shoot enough frames per second.

Also you should think do you really need 60fps animation? Some cases you can get better quality using lower framerate.

Ooo alright thanks, yeah doing it 60 fps make all the difference, total render time is 200+ hours, so im breaking up to 60 frames per day, that averages about 15 hours per day

You can use optical flow in davinci resolve or you can use flowframes. Optical flow is free in Resolve with the exception of speed warp, which yields significantly better results than the other options as far as I can tell, but the other options are also useful. Flowframes is also free, and just from a single test I did worked a bit better than Resolves free optical flow, but no as good as speed warp.