HELP with Orange box!

I know I should post this on the steam forum but its not letting me and I am desperate.

I just got the Half Life orange box in disk form so that I didnt have to download the whole bloody game to my laptop from steam. But when i started to set it up it began downloading everything from the orange box off of steam?! I dont know if its just downloading the latest patches and updates, but it seems like a hell of a lot of data for that, im pretty sure its downloading the whole games. I know the games are on the disks because they have about 5gb of information on them, can someone please tell me how to simply instal them from the disks and play from the disks without copying everything to my hard drive.


Also, the patches can get a gig or two in size. Last patch for team fortress 2 I had was over 600 megs.

thanks for the link, i have searched around and apparently there is quite a problem with the orange box demanding to download the whole games from steam even though everything is already on the disks. I would like to be able to play from the disks but ive sort of given up and Im going to download them to my external hard drive instead which i hope will work ok.