Help with ovelapping faces

Hi guys. I was wondering if anyine could help me out. I have drawn a blank on how to correct this. Ideally i dont want to start again as have come so far but could amyone help me sort of where the faces are oveelapping over the boundary of the lenses.

Please any help would be amazing. I have included the .blend file for people to have a closer look.

Thanks guys

LENSES.blend (599.3 KB)

You didn’t happen to boolean this did you?

Just select vertices like this and hit J to join them with an edge. It’s caused by those giant irregular ngons

Well… First thing first. You have waayy too many vertices for this model! It’s really simple to fix though. But i would just start over because it’s tedious. But… Here’s what can fix it. 1) Delete the back of your eye mask. (Face selection > Alt select the middle > Delete) 2) Slide all of your vertices / ringed edges that are not connected to the center of the mask (The edge of the cut opened eye socket) and slide these vertices to ringed edges that are connected. (Alt + right click > G + G). 3) Select all the vertices that are between the connected edge rings then select the last vertice as the one you want these vertices to connect to and press (alt m merge at last). Then repeat that method until everything is connected properly. (EXCEPT the 2 pointed cornered area). 4) use the knife cut tool (K) select the pointed cornered area of the eye mask cut out, and connect/place vertices of that point to the outer corner of the mask. (Do that for both ends) 5) Extrude your mask. > Ctrl N flip normals. 6) Select all > Press W > remove doubles. 7) Select the cornered edges and crease them. And you’re straight!

It turned out fine here

Here is a quick conversion to quads. Ngons kill subdivision surface. An easier method to doing this is to just create the eye section and extrude scale outward and position as needed. Or even just create a flat image and shrinkwrap it to a sphere, apply shrinkwrap and extrude the thickness you need.

LENSESQuads.blend (565.9 KB)

Thank you so much guys for all your help. I will have a go at some of these methods. Always seems to be the little things i cant figure out lol.

Thanks again