help with particles and parenting

I’m doing a pencil and paper, and the pencil writes a message on the paper. The say I do this is doing my message with curves, and then a dot following the curve, and this dot leaves particles to write the message. My question is, can I parent the tip of the pencip to the dot so I won’t have to manually make the pencil move? And then after manually moving it to the next dot in between words, and parenting it again? Thanks for the replies

you cannot switch parent in an animation. You could use an instance copy of the pencil, however.


what is an instance copy? And I got another question. With my curve, how do I make the animation (particles) go at lets say 100 frames and not the first one?

are you talking about getting the particle emitter to start emitting particles at frame 100? You need to adjust the sta: value under the animation setup. Change it to 100 and it will start at frame 100.

instance copies: Alt-D. they share the same internal data

to make the curve start on frame 100, edit the Curve IPO.


Got it working, thanks for the help