Help with Paste Fliped [solved]

I’m a noob at animating and i’m trying to make a walkcicle. Lucky me, get a problem right in the first “Paste Fliped” pose. Can you help me?


I’m guessing – In what direction does the local axis of your character mesh point?? Is it the same as the global axis? Did you do a ctrl-a or Alt-r before attaching you armature to the mesh?


You are right about the rotations, i have the armature with rotation and the mesh with zero rotation.
Now i’ve applied CTRL+A to the armature, detach the armature from the mesh and with the armature alone, it give me the same strange result. Can you give me a hand on this?:o

The bones that cannot “Paste Fliped” correctly are selected.
Thank you very much!

I don’t know how, but i’ve put a stupid rotation in one of the controller bones and that was giving me the offset.

Thank you for your help, GreyBeard!:slight_smile: