Help with paths

I’m new to blender and 3D modeling and I’m trying to create an image of “fake waves” i.e. row upon row of waves, where each row could be likened to a 2x4 with waves cut out along the top. I have the basic wave shape and I want to duplicate that at regular intervals along the row, to give the impression of a single piece of wood. I cannot figure out how to do this besides manually duplicating and placing, which is time consuming and not exact. Is there any way to duplicate a 3d mesh along a path at reg intervals? I hope I’ve explained it well enough, I 'm rather new to all this. Anyway, thanks in advance for any help.

You can use dupli verts this will duplicate objects at the verts of another object

or u could use extrude dup, this creates a repetitive Extrude along a straight line. This takes place perpendicular to the view of the 3DWindow.
extrude dup button at the bottom here

Dupliverts looks like exactly what I need. Thanks so much.