help with PLY export

In Blender 2.49 I’m trying to apply a UV map to a geometry and export it as a PLY model. I’ve baked the map to the model but when I export it the color information isn’t included in the file. Am I doing something wrong or is there possibly a problem with the PLY export script?

Can you not just save the colour info as a texture mapped to the UV coordinates, and use that in whatever program you want to use with the .ply file.
Are you selecting colours in the export option. What program are you trying to view the ply file, have you an example?

The application that the PLY file is going into is a custom one and it uses the vertex colors I believe. It doesn’t have the capability of using a texture map. I select everything in the export option. Even re-importing the file into Blender I don’t get colors and when I view the file in a text editor it shows no color info. Would it be helpful if I sent the Blend file?

Perhaps try adding a material, and checking vertex color paint, then exporting. If the .ply doesn’t support vert colors, you may be SoL.

Thanks but that doesn’t seem to do it either. Could someone out there export a simple mesh with a material or texture attached as a .ply file and tell me, when you look at the file in a text editor, if the color info is included? At least then I’d know if it was me or Blender.