Help with Posting a Video

Hi, I’m new here, but I’d like to be able to post videos of animations and such from blender without having to have a Youtube channel and putting it in Youtube first. Everytime I try to put up a rendered animation from Blender saved as an avi, the file is too large. So, with all that said, does anyone have any tips on how to accomplish this?

Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or even Imgur and then post the link here - it will turn into a video player. Blender Artists is not a file hosting service.

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I think you would have to go through a video hosting site. There isn’t really any eqivalent way that would work well for BlenderArtists.

That being said, there are however, other things you could try. Google Drive or or other file hosting sites could be used. Upload the video there and post the link to it (making sure the file is set to public).

You could also convert the video it a .gif format if it is not too large and you are fine with no sound and a low quality picture (max. 256 colours).

But, a video hosting site is really the only way to go, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue. For YouTube (one of the best options and the one i am most familiar to), you can embed the videos almost anywhere, and you have access to features like preventing it from showing up in searches, but still available to embedded players. If you already have a Google account, then the sign up is easy. The channel can be linked to your account.

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I’ve got a somewhat related question. I also want to eventually upload a game play trailer/ game play footage for my game. Does any one know if I can record the game engine within blender or do I need some kind of third party tool. If I need a tool, do you know of one I could use for free?

I would suggest OBS and if you have a spare SSD drive laying around I would suggest recording to that. There are other tools but in the free side of things OBS is the one I’ve found that works the best for me.

I have been looking around for a solution to this and messing around with Blender, but haven’t been able to find anything useful.

Recording video with an actual recording software is probably the best way to go (and likely the easiest to get the results you want). I hear OBS may be the way to go for free recording software (I haven’t used it however). Another trick I know about that I want to share is using Microsoft PowerPoint. As weird as it sounds, it has a screen recording feature, which, well, works quite good. I have used it a few times when I did not have access to proper recording software.

Looks like @joseph_raccoon has beaten me to the answer.

Yeah, I’m looking at my old machine, and for blender for doing tutorials you will want to do a screen capture, blender gets a little wonky with how it digs into the video cards and such and screen capture is the best way to go for the best experience, on windows 7 and 10. You ‘can’ do it as an application/game capture but on my windows 7 machine at least I ran into issues with anything Eevee.

Thanks to both of you for the recommendations, I will start looking at OBS and I’ll see if my school still has MS power point (we’ve almost entirely switched to Google Chromebooks and their software). Thanks again.

Thanks, I’ll see what I’ll do then.