Help with problem of player object viberating at high speed.

I have a game with a spaceship with a external camera parented to it. When I put the ship in motion it starts to viberate from the camera view. Its a small viberation at low speeds like 10 in the X direction. But really huge at say 1000. i tested it in a small blend using just a cube and a camera to eliminate variables and it still does it. Dosen’t matter if I use force or just direction movement. Or if its dynamic or static object. I’m using 2.64a. Anybody else having tins problem? Any Ideas on fixing it? Thanks.

Upload the blend, it sounds like you have a conflict between forces acting on the object.

A quick fix would be to ‘slow parent’ the camera to a value like 5 or 10, and that should smooth things out.

obj viberating problem.blend (466 KB)
Thanks for the reply. I attached a simple blend demonstrating the problem with just a cube with a camera attached. If you press 1 the cube will move at 1000 unit in the -X direction and start to viberate. Its the same if the cube is made dynamic also.

Just tried the slow parent trick. But at a setting of slow parent at 10 units the cube disappears sofar out in front I can’t determine if its viberating. At just 1unit I can see the cube and detect its still viberating. Like I said the slower I go there’s less viberation. But I made a very large space scene and the high speeds just help the player get around the scene in reasonable time. Also theres a camera in the cabin of the ship and things that it sees in the interoir are jumping all around. My ship is a rigid body obj with other objs parented. Thats why I tried it just on a basic static cube and got the same results. there are a lots of work arounds to try and minumize the problem. But I’m hoping to find out why it does it and eliminate the issue all together. Thanks for your help.

Also please press down on the 1 key for at least 30 secs in the demo blend, because the problen seems to get worse as time goes by.

Well as I mentioned before, I may not toally need it, there are work arounds. But in my tests the static object cube viberated at just a speed of 10 units using loc. But also does it using force on a ridid body object as well, which is actually what I am doing in my game.

Update: My player object does no viberate when he is near global zero. The further away I get from location 0,0,0 the more he viberates. Since this is a space game and the area the player travels is very large its had to keep him near 0,0,0. might have to use scenes to simulate warp jumps or something. Then in the next scene he can land right nack near 0,0,0. If you have better suggestions I’d love to hear it. thanks

Torakunsama is making a space game, and so should be able to spread some light on this. The main issue, if I’m correct, is one of floating-point inaccuracy. Basically, at high values, the positions of game objects becomes inaccurate, and get more and more inaccurate the further away from 0, 0, 0 the objects get. You should probably use background scenes to your advantage. It would also be a good idea to use background scenes to allow for a larger view distance than you would set for a single camera.

One possibility to get around inaccuracies at large distances is to not move the player. Move the world around the player. For example, if the player moves right, instead move the world left. This way the objects that are easy to see do not have issues with floating point accuracy.

yeah, objects don’t even need models unless they are within X distance…
and if they are half that distance switch to high res copy :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feed back. I really like the idea of moving the planets instead of the player out in the big deep space scenes.