Help with professional animated show

Hello there, I was up until recently working on a show animated with Blender with a friend. He recently decided to leave the team due to lack of time.

I had already acquired the rights of music from a few professional bands up to this point, and one band(with some videos of over 100K views) wanted to even promote our project. I saw this as a very rare opportunity to get the show a lot of easy and fast publicity.

Now, if you have any interest in helping me model and animate, that’d be amazing. I already have a storyboard too, and website to host it on.

If you have any interest in helping, you can post a comment here : )

Needs more detail about the show.

I’m an animator with fairly good skills, and I’d be happy to help with your project! (assuming its clean, of course.)

Hey, I just had exams so I’m sorry about the lack of response. But now that they’re over, I’m wondering if you’re still interested?

Are you still interested? I just had exams, so I wasn’t able to post for a while. But in case you are, I could send you a private message?

Once again, still need more info.

XeroShadow’s right. So far all we know is that this show is in need of animators and modellers. First of all I wouldn’t know what to sign up for - you haven’t given enough detail. You said you have a website. Where is the link to that? To me that sounds like a promising source of evidence about what the show will be like but I can’t find it.
Also what even is this show about? You could even show us progress so far as, to me, it sounds like you already have some progress. Maybe that’ll give us an idea of what we’re working for. This post is a bit too rushed. I understand you have exams but if you want to take this seriously (which to me sounds like you do) you need to add in the extra detail.

Please don’t take this constructive criticism personally. Best of luck to your project too :wink: