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So I wasn’t exactly sure how to word the topic of the question, I can hardly word the question. But anyways, here goes. So I’m making a Website for a friend, I wanted it to be unique, so I decided I’m going to make it 3D. But not like most other standard 3d websites, I’m going to make it so you walk around to get to different pages. Anyways, when you find the page you want to go to or area in the 3D space, you access a teminal while still in 3D. Now heres where I have problems. How would I get a 2D animation in to 3D? And also, how would I be able to have like, say, a guest book? What I would like to do is remain in 3D but once a terminal is clicked on, the camera zooms in on the terminal’s screen. The screen is where all of the info is. Like for example, this web site is for my friend’s gaming clan, lets say the terminal I wanted to access displayed all of the clan members, the camera would zoom in on the Clan Member terminal, and on the terminal’s screen would display all the members. And lets say we then accessed the Guest Book, click the terminal, the camera zooms in, and the screen will have a guest book, now how would I be able to have the user to be able to type, submit, and scroll through the guest book? I already have knowledge in coding a simple website, but never have I done anything like this. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough in my descriptions, I didn’t exactly know how to word it. Thanks if any one can help!-Hayden

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i think wrml, java and html simplest…
probaply i didnt help with my 3cents

i am gonna double check if its java that works with virtual reality modelling language

Alright thanks, and sorry for posting this in the wrong section.

i re-read it. Too complex stuff for me to try to help out. Now i am thinking though that easiest way perhaps´Macromedia Flash and like half 3d not true 3d
could be all blender though, i think if y get a team together then its dueable. or y just might be able to do it by yourself who knows

Yea I heard you can import 3d models into Flash but I never figured out how, Flash would be better I think. Any one have a link for 3D to flash?

(Update) So I think I know how I would be able to do it in flash, Couldn’t I just make an animation of the 3D file, convert the animation video to quicktime and import the video in to flash?

Yeah, that would be the best way to do flash, all pre-rendered.

You might be able to use the Blender web plugin. Not sure if it would do what you want or not.

This is nothing simple, what you want to do!
I think it depends on your strategy: True 3d will mean that you’ll need to choose a format that will probably force people to download a plugin. But if that site is to be used by a small amount of people (the members of the game clan), why not. They would probably agree to use the plugin in order to access their favorite site :slight_smile:
The other vantage is that your work will be easier, since you’ll probably be able to mount all the site in a vrml-style way, and then there will be little work to embed it in html files.

But that’ll be problematic if many people come to the site, because one will have an older browser, other will refuse to install plugins, etc. So then it would be better to actually “render” 3d animations and movements in an easier format (flash/swf for example). Then you would have a “fake” 3d site, that would be visible by everyone (anti-flash people excepted) and that would be easier for you to do those “page-appearing-in-terminal” effects.

You cannot AFAIK put real 3D in a flash/swf file. What you do is mount an animation in a 3d program, and render it to a swf file. Then you can use that piece of animation in flash in several ways, and if you are good at it you can really achieve results where there won’t be much difference with real 3d. There is a plugin to export swf from blender here, but I’m not sure it still works with recent versions of blender…