Help with python and game logic

Ok so my bad guy system is in place and weapons, now I need to trigger a delay state when each weapon fires to limit the on screen chaos, I was trying to use the delay in game, but am having trouble using only modules, I wish a state could trigger the delay, then flip back to state ready to fire. I was pretty sure I could do it easily, but the delay has to be triggered… Thanks all

Why dont you use a state engine triggered by radar sensor that is triggered by a property.I think it works with scripts.

I have the message fire add a missile and change a property delay to 1 and then have delay fire by using what python? Right now I have property sensor working but can’t seem to get a delay from it

alright, so here is the animal in question

The missiles Q and E spawned by cubes attached to missile turrets are the issue, I would like to have a delay or reload.

I know I need a little bit of python, but I am not sure what,


it has A LARGE amount of non-functional modules, these were how I was solving it, they do not work…



BroBotsTest.blend (1.08 MB)