Help with ratchet model??

I have been trying to model ratchet from ratchet and clank for an animation for a few weeks and i can not get it to work or look good.

i have clank and everything else modeled including ratchets body, but i cant figure out how to model the head.

i no he looks easy but this is driving me crazy

pls any help will be helpful .

I’d suggest looking at the shapes and the negative spaces first. Pick out the basic shape of the head and build those. don’t worry about eyes or nose or any other detail. Once your happy with the shape. Subdivide if need be, but start to work on the next set of shapes. The nose and mouth area. Maybe sink the eyes area in a bit. Basically your working in stages, building up the model bit by bit. Kind of working in layers in a way.

Hope that helps.

Start with good background image. Here I found good side view of ratchet. So built basic shape out of cube. The muzzle feature was extruded out from front lower face.

After that, I started on detail by creating loops around mouth, eyes, and where ear meets the head. Go from simple to complex. Building general shape with least amount of vertex. Once you create too many vertex, it becomes difficult to rearrange them.

If you are going to animate, don’t forget to use good topology: loops around the eyes, lips, muzzle, jaw…

The topology for any mammal with a face (including humans) is roughly the same, only the shapes change.

Thanks this was very helpful, gonna give this method a go

when i started this thread i really wanted to finish this, but i couldnt and put it on hold.

Since then i have done a lot of characters and enviorments that id like to say are great. So im gonna give this a go but every time i try it ends up lokking like a dodgy turtle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should post screenshots/blend of your attempts so people can give you better help in how or where to improve your model.

Well im really embarrassed by this file because its by no means what my work looks like but here, this is from a few months ago

i know this thread is dead, but some help would be greatly appreciated