Help with red dot sight?

So I have a red dot sight photo texture on a circle. The texture is just a circle with a white background. How do I make it so that the white goes away and you can see through but the red dot sight is still showing?

If your red dot is just a plane old dot then you could get rid of the picture and replace it with a circle mesh and change the material color to red. But if its a more complicated retinal sight then i know you could use gimp or Photoshop and get rid of the whit background easily and save it with background transparency saved but im not sure if blender recognizes it. anyways hope this helps.

As mrn writes:

  • in your favourite image editor replace the white with alpha (trasnparency) (save as TGA or PNG!)
  • in edit mode switch the faces from “opaque” to “alpha”
  • assign the new texture to the faces

I hope it helps

Alternately, for a more realistic result, replace the white with black and in Blender set the alpha mode to add. No need for the image to have an alpha channel, or for blender to do expensive alpha processing, and you’ll get results that behave more like light would.

true didnt think about that ya do what captian says.