Help with reference image

Hi guys…

Sorry if this is in the wrong section…

Quick question…I have never really attempted to modeling from images, the main reason is because every time I try my reference image does this:

Because of this all the work I have ever done has been pretty much by looking at a photo or just going with what I see in my head :eek: But I have decided that I should finally try and figure out why this is…

How do I make my reference photo not do this? Is there another way of placing a reference image?

Try using gimp or paint to scale that photo down to like a 800x600 size. I suspect its a megapixel size and the codec (jpg?) is choking on it.

Well the image i loaded into blender is 500x474…so shouldnt that work fine? or should I try stretch it to 800x600…or find another photo :wink:

I have always had this problem which is why I never really use reference images in this way…

i am currently modeling with references that are 1024 by 1024 so I think you should fine, try and post in the support forum maybe some has had the same issue before

I’ve used reference images way way larger than that and blender worked just fine. The JPEG you’re attempting to load is encoded properly, right?

If you open the same image outside of blender, it loads properly, right?

What da … I’ve used huge images before and have never had this problem. Strange.

BTW Trolley, where in Durbs are you? I only know of one other guy in our region, he’s in Pietermaritzburg.

From the picture you are showing you have a split screen. Right click on the bar between them. Choose join, then select which ever side you want as the main. It should now show one image.

On second thought, it looks like a split window. But I may be wrong.


that’s what i thought too, but his header isnt split, so its the image. humor us, and show us the image in paint or something…

OP: 500x474 is absolutely fine, a wierd size…can you post the image, please? And you are on Apple, correct?

No, it isn’t split… or doesn’t seem.

Guys, this is a common problem on Mac OS X. Some guys with the same problem claim that the problem was fixed in 2.48, so you can try that out.

It is not split screen…When I load it there is only one point which the image looks perfect from but it is far too small to model from , but once I try to zoom in or out even a little bit it does this… :confused:

The image works perfectly outside of blender…but it is not only this image, it is any image I try load…

and yeah im on a mac…Trying to save up for a monster pc which can do my rendering :smiley:

Hopefully you are right egan, I should probably get 2.48 and see if it works…

Ah, you may be facing the Mac OpenGL driver issue. Sorry dude, i think you need to contact Apple about getting an update for your video drivers.