Help with reflections/lighting

I am working on a model, which will enventually be a rendered still image. The main subject is a military medal (or at least will be once the model is finished). I am fine with the modelling side of life (I think).
The medal should look gold and has a lot of Ray Mirror applied. The scene is empty. I have read and been totally confused about Environment maps and how to use them. I understand that I need to have something to reflect, but don’t know the best way to achieve it.
My goal is to have the medal looking nice and shiny surrounded by black.
If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very gratful. I am completely self taught and confess to having knowledge of perhaps 10% of Blenders capabilities.

Cheers… O’h and merry christmas.


There are multiple ways to do it. Probably the easiest would be with composite nodes. Another easy way would be to load an image into a texture channel and set to ‘refl’ as map input. also maybe set the blending mode to ‘add’.

Yep, you see you have me there because although that makes perfect sense to almost everyone else… to me it’s a bit like Klingon… if someone would care to break that down a bit or point me to a “dummies” tutorial I could prolly work my way through it. Sorry to be thick … but at 42 yrs I may have left it too late in life to try to start modelling… :confused:

Ok, so I had a go and got really confused. (glad I copied my original).

What I ended up doing was adding a plane -> adding a new material which I applied a texture (image) to. I then positioned this so that the reflection wold be seen from the camera angle.

OMG the difference it made was dramatic… I just feel that I have come up with A “work-a-round” rather than using the corrrect method…


It’s never too late to learn something new. I am no node expert, so I’ll stick to the second method…: First find an image that you want to use as a reflection. Now make a new texture channel in texture buttons, of type ‘image’, and load the image. Now go back to materials, and in the ‘map input’ panel, choose ‘refl’. In the ‘map to’ panel, you’ll see a field that is set to mix, or blend, or something like that. Change that to ‘add’, and turn down the ‘col’ slider a ways.
(edit) ah, I see you have found a way. go with what works, I always say.

You are too wise for words Sir.
I will try that method tomorrow and thanks for the top tip. I fear rthat this will not be the last time that you hear from me though. :o

oops a bit click happy

. :o