Help with rendering and presenting work!

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

So I am a complete newbie with Blender, I have created a basic building model based off Fable 2 concept art, I found a model someone else had designed which I want to present the same as, I am using this to show at a Uni interview that I have dabbled with 3D modelling

I want to show 4 images, one with the original concept I based it on, a wireframe, a solid model, and a fully textured rendered model.

Now I have the concept obviously, I have a problem with the other three!

First off, the wireframe, is there a way to (from the camera perspective) to make a high quality screenshot/render of the wireframe? If that’s possible, or will I just have to print screen?

Second, with the solid model, I want it to have the edges to make it stand out more like this does: I had a quickgoogle and saw tutorials for solid +wireframe which are like 15 mins long, surely it is simpler?

And finally, with the textured version, I made a decent quick texturing (for my talents) and I rendered it out fine, the problem is, the lighting just doesnt do anything besides make everything visible, either darker or lighter, there aren’t any shadows, any ideas? I have a sun positioned above the scene, if uploading the .blend file would help I will do!

Thanks alot anyone who offers help :slight_smile:

Maybe this is part of what you are looking for.

Default sun lamp is with shadows off. Switch them on. Check some on blender freestyle, might help with that kind of renders.

Happy blending!