Help with rendering - AVI or MPEG?

Hi all,
I was just wondering about the rendering… Blender typically renders individual images, but I’d like it to render AVI or MPEG, if possible. Otherwise (this might actually be more helpful), does anyone know of a good, fast, quality program that will turn pictures into animations?


um unless your build is somehow broken, you can do both avis and mpgs with blender. You just go to the output format and select AVIraw or AVIjpg, I never do mpgs so I dunno about that one - I think it’s ffmpeg.

The box is on the right in the button window when you’ve got the rendering buttons selected (F10).

There’s a tute on blender nation somewhere on using the Sequence Editor. This will allow you to take sequences of images that you already have and turn them into videos. Ah hah! I found it. You should have a look at this tute - it covers both rendering straight to movies and combining existing footage/images.

Other than using blender, I think virtualdub will do it, videomach will do it and quicktime pro can do it too (as well as convert stuff to 3gp, ready for mobile-phones) But blender’s more flexible than any of these…


Awesome, thanks for your help! :slight_smile: