Help with rendering: Vacheron Constantin

Hello Blender artists!

Here is a project I am working on for improving my skills with Blender.

I did a simple model of the Vacheron Constantin - Patrimony Contemporaine Pocket Watch (I hope this is the name) and now I try to do a close render to a reference image I found on Google:

This is the same image I used for modelling.
Below is my setup for lighting the watch. I use a plane with a gradient applied for the emission. I control the gradient with color ramp node.

Here is more:

I am new to rendering and I spent a lot of time trying to match the top portion of my rendered model with the look from the reference image. There are many things that I am missing. I ask for your advice and feedback on how to approach the lighting and material setup in order to get the results as in the reference. Will post processing be required? If so, which filters will I have to apply?