Help with rendering

I’ve just started to use Blender recently and i have followed the grass tutorial as best as i could. The problem is, when i render my computer freezes up and everything that deals with blender is Not Responding. And when it finally responds i get nothing but a black hill-like shadow and a sky. (added on in the WORLD tab) Is this a program fault or a design flaw made by me in the sculpting process??

p.s. The laptop i am using has an Intel Centrino2 processor a 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, and a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570(512MB) Graphics card.

have you added a source light? your laptop freeze cause particle system requires so much processor and memory for rendering, can you post the rendered image?

Without attempting to address your particular situation … you do need to always bear in mind that “CG rendering is a tremendously CPU-intensive process.” Operating systems such as Windows almost never deal with programs that legitimately have these characteristics. So, they might well complain that a program like Blender is “not responding” when in fact it is merely very busy.

I agree with sundialsvc4 and andreola. Your computer is rendering when it says it is not responding, when it finally gives you your image you see only a black silhouette against your background. Just add a spotlight or a lamp and your golden. Just don’t enable ray tracing or at least disable ray tracing from the grass material as this is most likely why your render took so long.