Help with rendering


I’ve just finish my another animation and wanted to start render it. I realized that I need 6 mins for one frame and there’s nothing more, what I could delete/decrase to reduce render time. I got 1600 frames so I need 160 hours to render everything. That’s really a lot of time and I want to ask, can someone help me with it ? Unfortunately I’m not any youtube star or smth like that, so there’s nothing I could offer you for that, except for honest thank you and adnotation when I will release that animation. My PC configuration is:
8gb ram
Gts 450
It’s not so bad, so If someone would like to help me, he need to have similar or better config. Blendfile weight is 130mb.
If you got any question, feel free to ask.
thank you.

If your scene renders on GPU (ie, no CPU-only features), then what about a service like RayPump? It’s really easy to set up (plus the support is fantastic), you get a number of free renders, and you get starting credits that can be used for animations.

I’m useing internal render.

my PC configuration is:
8gb ram
AMD FX 4170
R9 270X
please send the blend file, to i see how can id do for you

my pc configuration is:
AMD FX 4170
R9 270X
send the blendfile to i see render.
and plus: the blendfile have all the definitions that you want, like, resolution, AA, final format(mpeg, mp4,…), and other preferences, if not, post the confiruation of the final render

Yay awesome :slight_smile: I will be grateful for every single frame.
Actually I’m uploading blendfile, when it’s done I will send you pm with a link to download. In blendfile everything is already done, just press “animation” button :slight_smile:

I’m not sure but is not an option? I’ve got good and bad experience with it.