Help with retopology of organic bodies

Hey there, first post, so sorry if the format is a bit weird.

In general, the question is in the title. For the last year or two, every time I tackle retopologizing some of my random projects, I always encounter these same kinda issues, of not knowing how to retopologize a “non-standard organic shape”.

What do I mean with that? Well, most of the time, things you retopologize fall into very common categories and the tutorials and guides you find all follow those examples. Things like animals and humans or “man-made” objects all have very similar “topology”. And are generally well documented. Where to place loops. Where to add “bumps” etc etc.

But what I struggle with, is retopology with more abstract organic shapes, where I simply don’t know how to proceed.

So my example and current problem- I have this “muscly” cylindrical shape, kinda like a close up of a weird biceps or whatever. (more angles in the link)

Since its mirrored along the X axis, I can just focus on how to work with one side of it.
In the drawing, I have a flattened representation of the mesh, with creases drawn in where I want them to be. My question now, is where do I place things like poles and bands of quads, that would support these creases and “bulbous bumps” etc.
Aka “How would I properly retopologize this mesh” xD

If it helps, I can upload that example mesh that I want to retopologize. god thats a long word.
Anyways, If you made it to the end of the post, damn, congrats <3

Something that would look like that?