help with rigging a dragon

Hi :slight_smile:

So, after a long time of not having time for it, i want to finish my dragon ^^
I have a rig that does more or less what I want, but I have a few questions. I’d be really grateful if someone could look at the .blend and help me.

Can my approach work?
Why is it so slow?
(solved) Why can’t I rotate the control bones?

thanks, dragon

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deselect “manipulate object centers” (number 6 in the image)

Thank you, daren :slight_smile:

hello, congratulations for the model and for the rig first!
I think that you can have some problems aplying the armature in tha level 2 of subdvide, maybe its too high…

Thanks :slight_smile:
And thanks for the tip, I’ll try it out - though I can’t imagine how a sub-surf of 2 could be too high…

The problem is that just only leve higher increase a lot of data. If your model has 200 faces, in level 1 will have 800 faces, in level 2 will have 3200! and the computer will have to calculate all of that in real time while you repose the bones… what you can try is put the subdivision in level 1 before the armature modifier and maybe another subdvision level after the armature modifier to have a good preview.

Since my last post I remade the rig entirely - it works better now :slight_smile:
But I have a huge problem: the wings. cloth sim and softbody both give weird results - any ideas?

I downloaded the file, but firstly it couldn’t find any vertex weights… weird, so the rig works, and the dragon mesh is awesome. but it doesn’t play nice on my pc… but if it works for you … whatever lol…
but anyways for easy animation purposes, I would make a duplicate of the mesh on a different layer but with NO subsurf, and APPLY the level 2 subsurf and add a “render only”(no preview) level 1 subsurf in the original model. so you can quickly animate in a very low poly version, and then use the other layer to peek at how the close-to-final mesh would look in each pose by changing layer

One thing to mention though , would be to ensure you have the softbody in the right position in the modifier stack this often trips me

also keep in mind that the softbody will be VERY slow if it has to work on a high detail mesh (like a subdivision output) you can often get a good FAST solve (almost realtime really) if you create a VERY low poly mesh JUST for softbody, with a subdivision surface…

one method would be to separate just the “skin flap” parts of the mesh and maybe decimate them a little to get a low poly base you could then either “shrinkwrap” the final mesh to these, or subdivide it up some (after softbody) and use THAT as the final mesh… either way… with a low poly base, pinning is easier and soft/cloths bake much faster… on the downside, it makes them much less accurate, although they still look like “cloth” they would look “heavier” …it all depends how much fine detailed “rippling” you feel the dragons wings should have…

The file is outdated; as I wrote before I remade the whole rig.

Many thanks for your tips, I’ll keep them in mind :slight_smile: