Help with rigging clothes D:

Hello! I cant figure out how to rigg clothes :frowning:

I have my character and i have the clothes separated, tshirt, trench coat, gloves,
hair and boots, but when i rig the char, the char works perfect but when i add the clothes its gets wrong…

im not so good on rigging

i will be pleased if you can help or send some tutorials.

its a low polly char.

srry 4 bad english :slight_smile:

Explain how it “gets wrong,” please.

when add the clothes and move the head the side of the trench coat and boots also move

That looks like a classic case of mis-applied vertex weights. Have you checked the various vertex groups to see which vertices are included in them? You probably have quite a few in the group for your head bone that belong to the trench coat.

With fully-armature-linked clothing like this, you have to do complete vertex weight assignments just like was done for the body mesh, either by weight-painting or manual adjustments. Sometimes this means removing quite a few vertices from different vertex groups where they really don’t belong.

thx i will try it :slight_smile: but do you know how to make planes visible on both sides. i have duplicated and flipped it direction . is there another way?

I think you mean “faces” rather than planes, but in any case, they should show both sides unless you have some sort of masking in place for modes like Weight Painting.

both sides of a face is only visible in solid view not in textured

never mind about the faces i fixed it :slight_smile: just the armature thing left :frowning:

Both of you provide useful information with me!

awesome i just fixed the armature thing but i sux on rigging :c so can someone plz send me a good tutorial on rigging simple chars? c:

This one is quite nice:
You can also try the riggify add on in blender :wink: