Help with rigging on a mac laptop

“2. Select the armature, enter pose mode, and RMB-select one of the bones.
3. Shift-RMB-select the mesh. This will put you back into object mode.
4. Now, enter weight paint mode via the Mode menu in the header strip of the 3D view (the
same one that allows you to switch between edit mode, object mode, sculpt mode, etc.).
If all works to plan, the mesh should turn a dark blue while the bone is still selected.”

Above are directions I’m following to weight paint how much influence my rig has on my character, I’m on a mac laptop which means I don’t have a RMB button. I’ve managed getting around this up until now by “emulating 3-button mouse” and alternative routes, etc. I have always found an alternative to using the RMB to get what’s needed done (It can be done! I know it sounds crazy, but not having a RMB hasn’t given me any disabilities at all in using Blender)

So my question here is if anyone knows how to accomplish exactly what it says above in steps 2-4 without a RMB? (ctrl+LMB brings up the lasso select, doesn’t work same as RMB selecting)

Thank you! :slight_smile: