Help with rigging

Well, I tried following word for word what Essential Blender told me to do. The legs are still behaving weirdly, if someone who knows what they’re doing could take a look at the file and tell me what I did wrong, that would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

Sorry for lack of pictures.

EDIT: Link doesn’t work, nevermind.

Hello? I could really use some help. Sorry to beg.

Link dont work mate, it takes us to the main site.

dude, take the time to do screenshots of your problems and give more detail. nobody is going to go out of their way to download the file, open it in blender, and then play with it until they see what your problem is and figure out a fix for it.

Right, took a screen recording and also a screen shot outlining what bones have what. Video quality is really poor, but it says that once processing is done, it’ll quicken up.

So, here’s a screenshot, with some explanations. Sorry I couldn’t get around to that before, I was in quite of a rush. Sorry for sounding like a whiny little kid. :o

If you need a closer look at the feet, lemme know, and I’ll take some more screen shots. Also, if anyone knows any sites to put the file on, so people can take a look at it, please tell.


Err so what is your problem? has worked great for me. also i heard is cool, but i never used it.
And ofcourse you can upload stuff directly on blender artists(click advanced when making a new post and scroll down a bit and clock manage attachments)

Also maybe my ironman rig can help you
The latest one I uploaded i believe is in post 73…

Well, the max file size for blend files on the forum is below 1MB. my file size is 2.2MB, but I’ll give one of your websites a try.