Help with rigging?

I’m not sure this thread belongs here, but I did search before posting.

I’ve been modeling for some time, but just recently got into character modeling and rigging for animation, and I’m a little confused as to why my character’s limbs do not move with the rest of the model when I am in pose mode. For example, when I move the torso forward, the arms stay in the same location, and the shoulders stretch to keep them connected to the torso.

I have tried connecting the uppermost arm bone (shoulder bone) to the torso’s bone, and it just stretches and moves the shoulder bone and deforms my model.

It was kind of hard to word that xD. Can anyone tell me how to fix my problem without having to go back and redo my entire rigging?:eek:

Best to post a .blend file so someone can really see what is going on. If you rig’s arms are ik arms, they would be left behind because the controllers are left behind. If they are fk arms, then perhaps the hierarchy isn’t set right. To know how to fix your problem, it would be best to see your problem, anything else would just be guess work.


Your guess work helped, I had the hierarchy set wrong. Fixed it :smiley: Thanks for the help!