Help with RPG game.

Hey :D.
Here is the file of a game I recently started. It is to be a RPG game, I have just started model the town and the inside of the house.
Inside if you go over to the crate and open it with space bar, then close it you cant open it again. What would I have to change with the propertys to be able to open it again?
Another question I have is that you may notice there is gold in the crate. Well if you click it it disappers. When you press enter the inventory comes up, and from there you can see how much gold you have. How would I go about making it so when you click the gold in the crate it puts the gold in your inventory up?
Thanks for any help.
Cheers :smiley: .


Please ask questions related to the crate in the thread you’ve already started about the crate.