Help with Scene Dimension Limits

I’m going to be doing visualization projects using Blender that can be quite large, i.e. several miles of roadway, roadway interchanges, etc.

When importing my geometry curves from CAD, some of which are several miles long in the real world) Blender doesn’t seem to like being zoomed out that far. So I’ve been scaling down the curves by .01 and .001 to get them imported. This makes Blender happy and I’m willing to (though not thrilled about) work at scales other than 1:1 for Blender to work.

Does anyone have a good upper-limit guideline for the XYZ size limits for large projects? Alternatively, are there work-arounds for this sort of thing, like maybe splitting the project into smaller bits and somehow compositing them together at render time?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Oh, come on! Somebody must be using Blender to do large scenes! Anyone?.. Anyone?

A while back, someone did some large scale architectural projects. You might check out Blender Nation archives. Ah, here it is. This is the Brazilian site. I believe there was another one located in Australia.

blender camera “end clipping” seems to be maxed at 5,000 units. so i guess you should consider that as you make your models.