Help with scene


I am learning how to light interior.
And this is lowres preview of the scene:

So I thought my setting were wrong but I turned the camera 180 degrees and got this image which looks correct:

Why is my first scene broken? Is it perhaps I have windows facing my camera and exposure is messing up color range? What can I do to get something more realistic?

HDRI is used to light a scene (color corrected but haven’t touched gamma, strength 10). Portals are on all the windows. Outside there is a background with color corrected diffuse material. I used diffuse instead emission so it doesn’t spill light from outside. Camera is correctly exposed.

What makes you think your 1st pic looks broken and 2nd not?

2nd looks more realistic to me.
And first doesn’t seem so “subtle”.
It is like materials are more saturated, but they’re really not.
I took the saturation to 0.5 on most of them.

So both are broken? :slight_smile:
Really, any input would be valuable.

I don’t mind the blueish overall tone, that is fixable.
Should the windows be less overexposed considering they are 4 large ones?

I’m not seeing an issue either. If using filmic then it is to be expected that saturation is lost at higher energies (a very bright red diffuse is less saturated than a darker red). There are other ways to tonemap in post, but I’ve never been successful there - filmic does the job very well for me.

I can’t talk about window pull as my usual stuff has to control ambient light anyway.

Nice folds on the backwall curtains, how do you achieve that? Every time I try with clothsim it just ends up not folding enough, crawling up the walls or other colliders, and it’s just all kinds of messy.

No, the opposite has happened. The image still feels saturated although it’s not.
Values are punching out.

Look at this picture how it’s supposed to look:

There is a strong sunlight inside but everything else that sunshine doesn’t touch looks like it’s only affected by diffuse light. Maybe it’s the fact that this room is bigger… I don’t know. I have a feeling that my HDRI should be giving adequate lighting on the inside without burning outside so much. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that Blender doesn’t have slider for highlight compression and everything is automatic.

P.S. The secret about curtains is that you download them from 3dsky :wink:

Nope, not seeing it, sorry. If that’s a photo by an interior photographer (straight lines and pillows looks arranged - as usual), keep in mind those are rarely untreated. Not only window pulls but using flash as well, multiple exposures etc.

It’s a render.

Well, if anybody has any suggestion how can I improve light to make my scene more believable, please share.

Guess I figured out what was wrong.
Outside the window there were tree billboards and they were blocking too much light.
So I cranked up HDRI strength instead increasing the exposure.

I have to try would it be physically plausible if I gave trees some translucency.
I would like to keep some of the shadows, but also preserve luminosity.