Help with see through objects

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to see a certain object behind an object. An example: let’s say I wanted to make glasses for a cartoon character. The glass on the glasses aren’t transparent, but has a material color, like blue or white. And behind those glasses are the eyes, which have to be seen. I want to use this setup for a stylized look and decided not to just animate a texture so that there can be depth and realism. Can any one help? Thanks.

??? not transparent but wanna see through ??? colored glass ?

Somewhat. You know how in certain cartoons, the characters may have only black eyes, but characters wearing glasses seem to have normal cartoon eyes, when in reality, they have white glasses with back eyes. Here’s Arthur with and without glasses as an example.
arthur glasses
arthur no glasses
I would also like image solutions so that I can see the process.

Simple solution? Put the model of the eyes on top of glasses.

Do you have a reference where someone has applied this to a realistic art style?

That would look disgusting in 3D, not to mention that my character will be taking of his glasses. That is why I want the eyes behind the glasses (How they are meant to be) and be seen through the solid lenses of the glasses to view expression.

You could render the scene twice, once with the glasses transparent and once with the glasses opaque and then use the compositor to blend the two results together based on a mask created from object indices.


I think: Lifting the planar 2D areas of a cartoonish character into 3D making them round in space should also make glasses transparent. Otherwise the whole process makes no sense to me,

I have a feeling that shading is involved.

?:question: huh?? What? I’m out.

Best I got with shaders and lightpath node. I have a feeling that’s the answer…

That blend file is not going to solve the problem. A curve object shrinkwrapped to the glass might be a fun effect to play with.

Greater than node or a map range node might be good for the glasses into a factor, so you can tell the render to under the glasses to be a certain colour, and then everything else to be another.

Create opaque glasses of any colour with holes in the middle of each “glass” matching the diameter of the “eyeball” as shown below


You are gonna need two pairs of glasses: one with holes when on the nose in the front ortho view and the one without holes in other cases and the rest is the matter of editing.

You could also make the “hole part” opaque/100% transparent depending on the camera angle. This needs only one pair of glasses.

I got this with cycles, white transparent background and the compositor…

Here is an animation…

I don’t know if it’s any use and I especially don’t know what i’m doing but I had some fun messing around with the question and concept.