Help with selecting vertices


I’m not sure if this is in the right forum or not, please excuse me if it’s not.

I have imported an OBJ into blender to work with in. I’m trying to delete everything except for the legs so I can use it as a model to make some shoes. But when I try to select the vertices above the legs the only ones that show up are in the rShin part.

I’ve tried the AKEY, BKEY combo to select the top of the body but it only shows tha one part. I can’t seem to select any other of the mesh except for the shin part. :eek: It’s like the rest of the mesh isn’t really there.

So what do I need to do to be able to remove the parts? Here’s the screen shot of what I see.




It looks as if you have all of the objects selected. If you are using the standard obj import python script, then each Poser body part comes in as a separate object, and all objects selected. In Blender, if you tab into edit mode with multiple objects selected, you will only get the verts for the last object selected. Since all of the objects are selected on import, I am guessing that Blender has selected them in ABC order, and RShin is the last object in the list.

You can eiter:

  1. Easiest - Re export from Poser, but in the hierarchy window, select only the feet.

  2. Press A to de-select all objects, then change the view to “Outliner”, then select the objects you want to delete, change back to 3D view and press X to delete them.

Also, if you plan on doing any complete figures, see this thread for an import utility that works well with Poser or Daz.


Thanks again for the help.

I didn’t know about the python script in the tutorial. I’ve give it a try.