Help with separating material based on height

Hi all, I’ve been trying to complete a snowman scene and I have two different materials wool and snow. I’m trying to create the effect of a light layer of snow collecting on the snow mans hat, gloves, ect. but I’ve been experiencing a problem separating my materials by height. I’m using the separate xyz node and it seems to appear normally in material preview but when I render it out its not separated correctly and the snow layer is covering the wool parts completely. I’ve tried all different things, including moving the position of the xyz node to different places but to no avail. Its just not behaving as it should. What am I doing wrong or missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

Below I have uploaded the file.

That is a big zip file, could you show the nodes, maybe you are using displacement? Also are you using eevee or cycles?

If you are using displacement try turning it down. Also is the render preview showing the same problem?

Alright, I messed around and got something for you to look at. Don’t really understand how it works, but it appears to do what I think you want. This is with blender version 3.3.1.
snow-mitten.blend (1.0 MB)

This is exactly what I was trying to do, thank you so much! Now I can finally move on with this project before spring, lol.

Also if you add a multiply(math) node between the adjust… node and the mix shader you can sharpen up the color. Enjoy.