Help with sequence editor

im trying to connvert video footage into a targa file so i can run it through VooDoo and the video keeps rendering all white noise like. heres what its doing


Note: that video is the actual blender, followed by the video itself. and im using the AVI codec for inutting videos.

What video codec in the AVI container?

the one thaat says AVI Codec.however if i render it out as a targa file, it does the same thing only each individual file is like that. i think its how im INPUTTING the videos since it does it with any video i try, but all it loads is AVI

imon blender 2.49 BTW

Sorry, misunderstood I thought you were inputing a codec in avi?

So what is the codec of the video you are inputting?

just so im understanding ur question right (im still new with this) the codec of a video would be whether its a .avi, .wmv. etc etc correct?

if so im inputting as a standard AVI

avi, wmv, mov are all just containers that the video is wrapped in.

Perhaps download mediainfo a free video reader and it will tell you what the codec is.

What was the source of the video, a camera phone, camcorder?

its off the cameraoff the ride itself, however ive tried other videos from different recorders and it doesnt change anything. and would GOM player give me the codec of the video?

Don’t know GOM player, try it and see if there is a media info or codec info menu option, many players give codec info.

just ran thru media info and this is what i got

input: avi 451 MiB
11s (i shortened the vid in blender)
1 video stream: RGBA
1 audio stream: PCM (microsoft)
TCDO: 113446667

avi 137 MiB
4 s
1 video stream RGB

Does it import correctly into blender and playback? Are you using the VSE or Nodes?

Check render settings in blender, make sure field rendering is not selected. Render one frame to see result.

when i import into blender it plays the same as when rendered (what we see now). i only rendered to seeif this is how i turned out and make a video sayin i need help

Is ‘fields’ on in the render panel?

it wasnt on. turned it on with no effect

What version of blender and OS?

Try a more recent build of blender perhaps.

Are you using nodes or sequencer? EDIT Sorry just seen it again in your subject line, ‘Help with Sequencer’, doh!

the version was 2.49 but i just downloaded the 2.5 beta so i gotta mess with 2.5 a little.

how do i get 2 the sequencer with 2.5?

edit: also im on windows 7

Have a go with the 2.5 build, if it’s 2.53 just released then drag and drop works again I believe. Otherwise it’s the same way, ‘Add’.

Argh! Windows 7, I have no experience of.

There’s a Win 7 Off Topic thread here on BA, you may find info there.

how do i navigate 2 the sequence editor though

Same as 2.4xx, in the top menu, to the left of the ‘Scene’ box you’ll find a drop down box with Video Editing in the list :slight_smile:

allright, it works better with 2.5

but how di i find me render menu options so i can change my output file and whatnot

Find the “Properties” panel then look for Dimensions tab and Render Presets drop down menu.

You say that Blender shows a white noisy image when you scrub the VSE timeline. That means that Blender cannot decode the AVI type you are using. There are many sadly.

Perhaps you could Transcode the AVI first with into something that Blender likes better (I don’t think that Vdub does frame sequence other than motion-jpeg).