help with sequencer!!

Can anyone please tell me why everytime i add a new movie on my sequencer i got different length for audio than video ???
Sometimes the difference is that i have 1 frame more than the video has, sometimes i have a loooot of frames more than video has.
I understood to change the PAL to NTFC in the defaults. But this is what i get.
Help needed,

Check if the frame rate in rendering settings (F10) matches the source video.

I’m not sure i’m following you :frowning:
what sould i get/have ?

For example: I’m in the UK and using PAL footage with a frame rate of 25fps, but Blender 2.53 starts off with a default setting of 30fps. So if you import an AVI the visuals are imported at 30fps so the overall length is shorter & the film moves too fast - but the sound is imported correctly. The default setting should be correct if you are in the US and using NTSC footage.

To solve, check the render settings - in my case I choose PAL 4:3 or PAL 16:9 - BEFORE you import your filmstrips.

thanks scifigene for making things clear, but i already did that. I’m in Europe too and i have set PAL for importing, but even so, i still get unmatching sound and video. :frowning:

Did you try importing your video clip into blender using a different format or splitting audio and video and importing them separately? You can do this with “Avidemux” on linux or “virtual dub” on windows.

Blender’s video editor is very basic. I only edit short films with it and process everything in raw format (pure wave sound, pure uncompressed avi.)

I … ummm … that is … use Final Cut Express. :eek:

With all due respect to Blender’s built-in capability to be a video editor, I prefer to use Blender strictly to “generate shots,” whether at final-resolution or quick-preview. But I then prefer to use FCP to assemble the finished presentation: I’m familiar with the tool and comfortable using it. So, it works out as a better tool for me.