Help with setting up basic animation

I am very new to Blender, or any 3d stuff at all. I started doing a tutorial on creating a basic animated character. I have the character created and the armature created. I weight painted the torso, arms, and the head. Everything seems ok up until now except when I clear rotation of the mesh it or if I clear location of the armature, everything gets thrown all out of whack. I can’t understand if I missed something or what? This is only my 3rd day using blender so I’m pretty confused.

project_14.blend (266 KB)

You should have applied the object scale and rotation prior to attaching it to the armature, but no worries, simply select your green pal, press ctrl+a and select apply object scale and rotation.
Now the rotation of the mesh is set to the current values as zero and if you reset rotation or scale it will not change anymore.

Second, you might have noticed if you move your armature, your green guy stays where he is, and that is also what happens when you reset the location of the armature.
Thats because you havent parented greenguy to the armature. So, select (in that order) the guy, then the armature and press ctrl+p to parent it.
There you select “to armature” then it will ask you if you want to create vertex groups
!ATTENTION! be sure to select “don’t create vertex groups” else it will overwrite your weight painting and you can do it again =)
After that when you move your armature, the green guy comes along with your armature. So if you now reset the location of the armature it snaps back to 0/0 and the guy hops along, and if you reset the roation or scale of the guy, nothing happens.

Hope that helps and last said, for using blender only for 3 days you already accomplished quite a lot. gz!

Thank you for your help. I did what was said. But now when I select the armature in object mode and select “alt+r” or “alt+g”, it doesn’t reset the armature. Also now that I have made these changes, when I move the armature in Pose mode the mesh follows but isn’t attached to the armature. The armature moves further than the mesh and if you move it too far it goes all crazy and elastic-like. I am obviously still missing something.

Problem Solved.