Help with shaping and attaching an oblong object

Hi, I have been trying for hours and several different ways to create a curve oblong object to attach to a pedestal I am trying to design. This oblong object goal is to the the top of an alien head where it has a smooth top with string front protrusion and tapered end. I have ran into several issues but biggest is that I cannot get the front end to make that nice oblong look. I have tried scale, rotate, grab, dissolve, fill in many different iterations to no avail. Have been using subsurf to do smoothing for final finish.

Second issue is that if this object could be created, I have no idea how I could attach the tail or narrow end at top back to the edge of the flat right. Goal is to have this alien head top on side, then to copy and move it to other areas to decorate base

I have attached a few different design iterations in case this helps in any way.Base Try 1.10.blend (492 KB)Base Try 1.9.blend (491 KB)Base Try 1.8.blend (496 KB)

Based on the try 1.10:
first of all delete the central ngon
then remove doubles: select all vertices>w>remove doubles
select inner edge loop: while pressing the “alt” key with mouse select a vertex of that loop
after that: ctrl+f> grid fill . In the grid fill options set span to 8 and offset to 7

If you need more smoothing you can try with sculpting or the “loop tools” addon.
Best practice was to “keep straight” the mesh in edit mode for easier editing along xyz axis.
Don’t forget you can use also the mirror for this kind of objects.

A quick and dirty way to join the head to the base would be using “bridge edge loops”:
join the two object with ctrl+j
select the outer edge loop of the head and the ones of the base>w>bridge edge loops