Help with shear or spin tool


I’m trying to model a bike and the tools aren’t working as i expect.

I’ve used a cylinder for the front fork and I’m trying to use shear or spin to curve it into the center

Spin tool gives me a really wierd distorfed mesh that shoots to the side (scale is applied btw)

Shear tool don’t seem to respect the size of the cylinder and fattens it. The tutorials i’ve seen just use basic shapes aligned to the axis and all works well. this doesn’t and i don’t know why

The Spin Tool specifies the center axis using the 3D Cursor.
Please refer to the video.

Of course not… it’s not rotate… see this square after shearing ? Only a rectangle

and by using a share offset of 1 equal to a 45 degree angle the sides are now by a factor of srqt(2) longer…