Help with shiney/chrome texturing....

I’ve got a good friend who requested a 3d update to his website graphics.

So off I went with tuhopuu and started cranking.

We both think the image is good, however the inner gear could use to be more, shiny/chrome like.

So I used the chrome tutorial and other sites to come up with what you see here, can anyone help me take it the rest of the way?

Is there something I’m missing to shine up that inner gear more?


PS - If you know the logo or site, please don’t advertise it, we hope to surprise site visitors when we’re done.


Image =

Blend =

Nice Image

I won’t use Thuopuu since it’s experimental, use 2.28a

The ‘shiney’ you can try by merely turn on Spec and maybe tone down Hard.

If you wont reflections you have a problem.

Blender can at best fake them with Environment maps.

There is an excellent tut by BgDM around, look in the pertinent list in this forum



It’s really one of my first blender images.

I’m proud of it now, but I bet it will be old hat in a few years :wink:

I used env maps for it, tried to get to reflection action off the external gear.

I would love to try yafray, but can’t get it to work.

If someone on here has yafray working, can you render my .blend with it?

Thanks, I’ll search for the tut, there’s a good chance I made mistakes in the env mapping…


Well, your first problem is that you have nothing to reflect around the object. Therefore, you have no reflections. It appears you have the env map set up correctly.

For my tute, you can find it here:

I am currently rendering a YAFray render of your file now. Will post shortly.


Good news about the env mapping, it was my first try.

Thanks for rendering in yafray for me.

I’ve got to figure out how to get that working…


As BgDM said, the problem is, that there’s nothing to reflect. I usually solve this by loading an Image (in this case, it’s the view from my bedroom) and map it as ‘REFL’ (you forgot that in your blend file).

The result:
I messed up something, so it looks a little different now…

Here’s the blend file, if you are interested in the settings: