Help with simple deform modifier

Hello once again, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem I’m having with the simple deform modifier. You see I’m trying to curve the model in the first screenshot below in a similar manner to the one in the screenshot below the first one in order to make a belt buckle to attach to the belt.

I tried looking at a few tutorials like this one for help [Link] but when I added the modifier to the model it ended up looking like this:

Why isn’t it working properly and what can I do to fix this issue?

I’m all ears for anyone willing to provide any suggestions!

Blend File: belt_help.blend (552.0 KB)

Your object is wrongly orientate, you need to rotate it 90° on Z in Edit mode:

An alternative to Simple deform modifier is making the strap and the buckle one mesh by knife projecting an oval onto a cylinder subdivided with CTRL+R, separating it with P , extruding and solidifying and voila!

Simple deform > Bend modifier requires subdivisions to work as expected, which is not always easy owing to the model’s shape and that means it’s best to use it with rectangles/squares. Hence, you’d have to use Remesh on your buckle before bending it. And matching the buckle and strap’s curves needs calculations (degrees, empty’s distance).