Help with simple python script

I just started working with Blender. I typed in a script to see what I could do:

import bpy
from bpy import *
me = Mesh.Primitives.Circle(6, 1.0) # create a new cube of size 1
sc = Scene.GetCurrent() # get current scene
newobj =,“Mesh”)
newobj.setName(“dynamic hex”)
print (“done”)

However when I run it, I get the message “Python script fail, look in the console for now…”

If I switch to the console panel I don’t see any output, just the >>> prompt

Where does the output go and why is the script failing? This is with 2.57 and python 3.2


Which Blender release are you using? That looks like the 2.49 api (I think, I’m not familiar with it), not the 2.5 series one.

select ‘toggle system console’ in the help menu.
also you’re mixing the 2.49 and 2.5 api :wink:

OK, thanks. Can you point me to the proper Blender API docs?

Use the link in your “Help” menu: you’ll be redirected to the right API doc.

I use blender 2.57 on osx 10.6.7. and i dont have this option in Help menu, is there some other solution to this problem?
btw. when I open Info window there i see some python code written but no errors tracing…