Help with slow motion smoke in blender 2.53

I need to do a simple slow motion anitation of smoke with the new 2.53 blender system.

Like this:

Have one any idea ?

There’s a 5 part tutorial series on fire & smoke simulation at

Create the smoke sim, render it at 300fps, compile the frames at 24fps… done :wink:

I do all 5 tutorials and I can´t solve thsi problem.

My first idea is bake with 120 frames ( it´s the maximum ) and change to 25 frames.

But isn´t work to.

More ideas please.

Now I’m working with Blender patch.

This Blender have a Time Slider.

The normal is 1.0 but the lower is 0.2

I’m rendering now.


Yeah, the patch should lead to the desired effect. Don’t forget to post your results!