Help with Smoke


I am doing a volcanic eruption. The plume rises too fast and I want to slow it down but keep high resolution. When I move the “Time Scale” value down, all of the detail leaves the plume. I have a turbulence force field on it making it look better. If I drop the time scale down to .02, I get a mushroom cloud from the first expansion of the emitter then it goes into a very straight line of rising smoke?

How can I keep the scale value at 1 but still render it in high def slowmo?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I believe this has to do with your general scale of the scene. Considering 1 blender unit equals 1 meter my guess is your volcano is a couple of meters high, thus the ‘fast’ smoke.

Not sure I follow. It seems like if that were the case it wouldn’t look good at timescale 1 either. It is not just the speed, when I drop the time scale all of the cool details go away as well?

temperature difference setting controls the speed at which the smoke rises

I see it happening in that video as well. The timescale .002 has way less detail in it, it is very smooth. I am controlling it by animating the heat and density… seems to be helping a lot. Can shape the plume as it is formed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video ldh1109.

Oh, I’m talking about the size of the mountain & the domainobject, you need to scale those up. I think. The smokesim should be scale sensitive.

Though you might be able to fake it using the techniques shown above - or a mix of them both. Scale stuff upp AND manipulate the density/timescale. Just keep working, it’s all trial & error, hehe… ;D

I am not having a lot of luck with scale, just takes way longer to render. I am having a lot of luck keyframing the density value.

Better using what works then. ;D

(It’s always as simple though not always easy to figure it out. ;D)