help with something simple

i am new to blender and I have fiqured out a lot in a couple days but I still do not know how to make an amimation of a ball just falling down into grass and rolling through it. very simple but gravity thing is bothering me. Like if i have to blocks and i just want to make then fall, only one falls. i know there is a simple solution to this.
Also while im on the topic of grass. i followed a tutorial of just a block moving through grass. the problem is when i played the animation the block did not move the grass at all. i have all the particle settings right and collision on.

If you want to simulate real world physics (balls falling etc) the best way is to simulate in the game engine.
The wiki starts here
I would recommend first learning the basics and come back with more specific questions. Going through the whole game engine and recording the physics is no simple reply


it is not a simple answer…
Well how about this… why does gravity work in game mode but not in animation?

Because game mode is a simulation and keyframed animations are not.

You can record game mode simulation into keyframes, however.

But they are two separate systems of animation available through one interface.

Just choose how you want to work.


ras_Grass_Colision_1b.blend (404 KB)