Help with speed issue

Hello everyone. I’m having difficulty figuring out a problem. I’m trying to create a pinball game with BGE however, the game runs real slow. Not as in lag, but just slow physics. I was wondering, is there a way to accelerate or speed up the games motion. Pinball games are fast paced. I tried increasing the gravity, Not good. Ball did unpredictable things, even going through stuff, flying off table. Tilting the table more or less didn’t work either. Searching this topic didn’t help out either. Anyone have any suggestions ?


OK, wow… That helped a lot, although I’m going to have to tinker with some settings to get this to work just right. Thank You.
Any other suggestions, Tweaks, or tricks I could use would really be helpful. If I can figure this out right, I thinking of doing a free pinball game for downloading. There’s a lot of different games out there but pinball seems to be scarce for some reason. I think pinball ( If done right ) Is a lot of fun. I’m still a bit of a rookie at Blender so I’m learning as I go. ANY help would greatly be appreciated.
Thank You. :smiley:

try turning the damping on the ball really low. physics properties, last tab.

0.05 feels good to me. if you have good friction, then you could even go to 0

Tried that one, didn’t seem to help any. I’m currently having problems with jaggedness, and the ball keeps flying off the table. The ball doesn’t roll smoothly. I have smooth shading enabled. I’ve coming been coming and going from this project for months now and I keep getting frustrated with it. Maybe I need to try a different engine with visual scripting. ( Me and programming do not get along. )

Nah, pinball game is something that blender and their users can’t handle, at least not with animations, lighting, and high physics, etc, it will lag out on older systems, and makes it unplayable. That’s why i abandoned my project.

you can dive into my pinball and see how i have done it:

Or if you can german, follow the tutorial here(not my tutorial, and you will not get the same result as my machine)):

Anyway a plane to seal the pinball machine like the glass plate in real life, keeps ball inside the table.
physics sub steps needs to be maxed out for best result.

Hmm, OK is there perhaps any alternatives to blender as far as game engine’s with visual scripting ? I’ve been trying GoDOT, however I’m getting a little confused with it. Unity doesn’t have visual scripting, and Unreal and Cryengine are to strong for my system. Kinda looking for something that’s good for people with lower end CPU’s like mine ( Intel Pentium 2.16 Quad Intel HD Graphics. ) If I can work this out maybe I can turn this into a community project.