Help with stopping objects dissapering in game mode

When ever I play my game some of the meshes disapear, but actors and everthing else interacts with them. Does anyone know how to make them reapear?

Sorry your question is too vague to find a solution. There are too many possiblities.
Maybe blend file or some screenies should help.
One thing i think of it that may uou have enabled “INVISIBLE” for the faces in the UV Mode.
Or. May be the You should flip the Normal Faces.
Like i said there are many possiblities… more info is needed

I think pictures say more.
Here is a picture from the 3d window:
And here is one from the gameplay.
See how some faces are missing? I want that to stop, I tried everthing in the drop down menu for game, but that didnt work.

hover you mouse over the 3d window and press ALT-Z to go into shaded mode…

also missing faces, might actually be reversed faces… in game engine polys only have one side…

select the mesh, go into edit mode, select all the faces, and press control N to recalculate the outsides…
if faces still don’t face the right direction, select them in edit mode, press W, and Flip normals…

hope that helps :slight_smile: