hello everyone!!!
I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any good websites that have detailed info on how to properly use subsurf for making heads and bodies?? I was finally able to get my gingerbread man walking and the animations looks ok (so-so) and I started to prin the blender 2.3 guide/book that Elysium offers… it’s great! I’ve been able to learn a lot of things that stumped me before, like transparencies and making objects look like glass. but I REALLY want to try something a little more challenging, so I went ahead and tried to subsurf a snake head (or any head for that matter) but it came out kinda crappy. Since I plan on making 3d animation in blender not only a hobby, but hopefully a career. I need some tips on how to make organic looking faces with the subsurf tool in 2.33a
(BTW: I’ve gotten so addicted to using blender lately, I’m actually almost running out of ink printing the whole guide lol!)

I really need as much help here as possible, simply because I have a lot of ideas I would like to make and show. Wish me luck… who knows, maybe someday I might get hired by pixar or dreamworks lol! (maybe not… but it’s still good to dream)

if you can spare the money, they have a printed guide. For modelling people, usually you can look off of zillions of tutorials they have written for MAX, Maya, etc. usually you can apply it to Blender as well.

I liked the loop subdivision method in this head modelling tutorial:
After getting used the the subdivision,
for the rest of the body, I used an anatomy book as a reference to model the rest of the body though a similar process.

hope you have a laserjet or something - otherwise save your money you’d spend on ink cardridges and get the book (it’s gonna be cheaper, believe me).

Do you happen to know of another better detailed tutorial??? that website was a little vague and threw me off alot. Not that I don’t appreciate the help. I just would like something with more detail.

I had the same problem. There just doesn’t seem to be a very detailed guide for modeling stuff. Everyone basically has a stule of their own.
The best tutorial for modeling I’ve found is Bongo.

Doing the Bongo tutorial really helped me to understand how to model organic shapes with subsurf.

Extrude is your friend… :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the site K-lo :slight_smile: I wasn’t able to do a human face, or bongo’s face… but I was able to make a snake face! I know, not much for now. but at least I was able to make something that resembles a face with a mouth and not get it screwed up :slight_smile: thanks again

Hey, that’s a good start :stuck_out_tongue:


Some tutorial links:
A tutorial (modeling a lizard) which explains the basics of subsurf modeling.
Complete “modeling-a-human” tutorial
Complete “modeling-a-human” tutorial made for Blender.

The best tutorial I have seen for modelling a face/head is torq’s.

Hope this helps,

I found the “blendo” tutorial to be particularly elegant- it’s a very low poly model, that looks way cool with SubSurf and SetSmooth turned on.

The tutorial isn’t about subsurf, it’s just a great example of how subsurf can be used effectively.

Thanks guys for all the support! :slight_smile:
I’ve actually been able to make a lizard face much more realistic AND learned some neat techniques I didn’t know of before :slight_smile: (e.g. CTRL + r) AND I’md now dabbling with the head model (doesn’t look like much for now, but it will in time) thanks to all your help :slight_smile: when I’m done with the lizard body and the head I’ll post the pics see what you think :slight_smile:

in any case, if you still have some more tuts, keep em coming, see if maybe there’s another “easier” (I use the term loosely cuze 3d modeling isn’t easy, it just seems that way to me because I get really hyped about it and will spend hours messing with blender just for fun and learning new techniques)

Do any of you guys know of any good tutorials for modeling anime-like faces?