Help with subdivision surface and bevel modifiers

Hi folks, I am new to blender and having difficulty creating a mixture of hard and soft edges within a gun model I am making using the subdivision surface and bevel modifiers whilst keeping the vert count down.

I have added bevel weights to areas that I require to be hard, however if I don’t continue this bevel all the way along the edge loop it does weird things with the topology

if I continue the edge loop all the way around through the gun barrel, it causes it to become less circular.

any suggestions as to how I should approach the bevelling as I want an easy enough topology to UV map next.

Many thanks for any help, I would attach the file and more images but I am a new user =]

additional image:

Additional image of barrel if bevel continued:



great stuff, didn’t know about this:

TauRifle_ja12.blend (188.0 KB)

You don’t have to continue the bevels that far. Some edges need support loops anyway, and stopping bevel on a flat surface is fine, as it won’t deform the surface.

There are few things to mention though

  • Complex objects are made of multiple parts, and you should model them the same way, unless you have a specific reason not to, like 3d printing. Even then the model could be multiple objects or separate geometry, combined for the print afterwards
  • As a hard surface object, it doesn’t seem to have a lot of curved geometry, so you might be better off modeling it without subdivision surfaces
  • There are many unnecessary cuts going all around the model
  • Density is varied. Circular detail at the front has less vertices than the barrel ends, even though it’s a bigger detail. It should have more, or at least the same amount of vertices, if the subdivision level is enough to make it smooth
  • The circular detail at the front is not completely circular, as the outsides are protruding from the surface. It’s easier to model them as two half circles, and make a cut in between. The edges with the cut makes a 90° angle. I’ve left an example of that in the file
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Thankyou very much for the response, really appreciated that you took the time to modify the Blend file.