Help with subsurf, please

Hope its ok that I started a new thread, as I wanted to address a different problem that I am having.

I am trying to add a circular pattern of holes on the top of the object, but when I add a subsurf it just collapses and I have no idea how to prevent it. Please help

Post a .blend file.

Most likely just bad topology,subsurf needs a few supporting edgeloops in some places.

So you’re wanting to keep the hard edge at the top? When you add a subsurf, you need to add either crease or an extra loop cut to help hold the form. Using the rule of three, with the extra loops, you want an extra loop on either side close to the the main “corner” loop that you want to sharpen. So you’ll want one just before corner and one just after the corner. The closer the “holding” loop is to the corner loop, the sharper the angle will be. With creases, it’s a similar idea. The closer to 1, the sharper the angle. Personally, I like the extra geometry route.

Now, with your model here, if you do that, you might wind up with more of an “oval” opening. That’s fine, if that’s what you want. But if not, you may have to refill the faces, add in the extra loops, then remove the faces.

Hope that helps some!

Cut the hole with a Boolean difference and manually add geometry to clean it up. Do one hole and use Spin tool to duplicate it. Make sure your base mesh is a multiple of number of holes desired.

Here’s one hole:



Started with a simple plane with a subsurf level 3 applied. Select the outside edges and mesh>transform>to sphere to round it out.
Then extrude the shape, select the faces where you want the holes and delete them. Add a couple controlling loops and an edge split modifier on top of the subsurf.
I very rarely use teh circle mesh. I use a plane with subsurf level 3 applied.
I also never use booleans.

Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate the help everyone provides on blender artists.